Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are the denture you get when you are transitioning from your natural teeth or partial denture to a complete denture. This is when the natural teeth have become compromised and those teeth are needing to be extracted by a dentist or oral surgeon. This can be done to patients who are having a full clearance (all the remaining natural teeth removed) or patients who are having some of their natural teeth removed and having an immediate partial denture made.

  • The first one being that you have your dentist extract your remaining teeth and then allow up to three months for tissues to heal before beginning the process of making your first set of dentures.
  • The second, and more popular option is that you visit your Denturist and have the work done prior to your extractions. The procedure involves making a mould of your teeth and taking a bite, this shows the Denturist how your teeth align together. You would also discuss the appearance and aesthetics of your future denture during this time. For example, would you want to keep/remove spaces between your teeth, would you want them characterized or would you want them straight, would you want them whiter or would you like and ideal shade of tooth that would look natural for you. This process allows you to take the finished denture(s) with you at the time of your extraction appointment. Your dentist will insert them immediately after he/she has finished the extractions, therefore; at NO TIME do you have to go WITHOUT TEETH.

After having the extractions done of your teeth,  you will experience swelling, as well as, slight discomfort. As a result, your Denturist should be the person who initially removes and adjusts your denture(s). This is done at your 24 hour post-check appointment. When you pick up your finished denture(s) an appointment will be scheduled for you to see your Denturist 24 hours after your extraction time. During this 24 hour check up appointment is when your prosthesis will be removed for the first time.

During the following 8 to 12 months your dentures will need to be maintained. Your gums will shrink and change from healing; therefore, results in the need for temporary liners and adjustments. The liner is soft and provides a cushion for comfort. It also aids in tightening and in improving the overall fit while your gums are healing. Over the course of treatment your gums will shrink considerably therefore, temporary liners and adjustments will be provided as needed.

There is no extra cost for the first two liners or any adjusting servicing provided during the maintaining months. The first two temporary liners and any needed adjustments are included in the initial price of the Immediate Dentures.

Once the gums have completely healed (which is approximately 8 to 12 months depending on the number of teeth extracted and the density of the bone remaining) the Denturist will replace the temporary liner with a permanent reline. This consists of having an impression taken in your denture and actually replacing all of the liner material with new hard plastic, therefore, strengthening the denture and giving it a brand new fit to the now healed gums. This permanent reline procedure is necessary and is not included in the initial fee. This fee is based on the College of Alberta Denturist Fee Guide.


  • Enables an individual to go back to work promptly.
  • Protects the tissues of your mouth by acting like a" band-aid" minimizing swelling and bleeding and promoting healing.
  • They make the transition from your natural teeth to denture(s) much easier. Since at no time do you ever go without your denture(s).
  • The sooner you have the prosthesis inserted the more quickly you will adapt to the new denture(s) which will make speech and function easier to get used too, therefore; making you a successful denture wearer.

Make sure to consider the option that best suits your lifestyle.