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Partial Lower Denture

Patient needed a partial as they only had the 6 anterior teeth remaining.  Fabricated a partial lower denture with clear clasping so that the clasps would be less visible and noticeable.

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Immediate Partial Upper Denture

Patient had 3 anterior teeth extracted, this prosthesis was made before hand, therefore, patient was never without anterior teeth.


Complete Upper Denture

The top photo is the AFTER and the lower photo is the BEFORE.


Partial Upper Denture

patient had a couple of teeth extracted and teeth were added to her partial.


Immediate Partial Upper Denture

Patient had anterior teeth extracted.


Immediate Upper & Lower Dentures

Patient had all of their teeth extracted on both arches, and had these dentures ready before hand, so that as soon as the teeth were extracted the dentures could be inserted. Patient did not ever go without teeth.


Partial Upper Denture


patient only had 2 anterior teeth missing