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I have been a patient for many years. Very satisfied Gary & Staff are most considerate always putting patient first! Gary suggested implants- had them done. Best thing done, EVER! I would and will recommend this clinic to anyone. Thanks Gary, a million times!
— Rosalie
I had been going without lower dentures for about 40 years due to my lower jaw structure having protruding bones on both sides. It seems that the only solution to having a lower usable dentures was to have the protruding bones scraped down to allow the dentures to seat properly. This past April (2019) I had a consultation with Gary Shigeta at Sturgeon Denture Clinic, he suggested to me that he could indeed construct a set of dentures that would be usable although it would provide a “ bit of a challenge” for him.
After 3 or 4 fittings Gary and the friendly and co-operative staff of Sturgeon Denture I received my new dentures.
WOW! What an experience. With only 3 small adjustments, for tiny sore spots, I am able to smile, chew everything properly, bite off pieces of celery, bite and chew peanuts, almonds, etc and bite through a hamburger, including the onion slice with very little discomfort, if any, just to name a few tasks I thought I would never experience again.
Thanks again to all the friendly and courteous staff of Sturgeon Denture and to Gary for taking on the “ bit of a challenge.”
— Glenn Plant,
Excellent Care!
— Phil Dumontier
Jason went above and beyond for me. He came to work on Friday and Saturday, his days off. I would have had to wait another 2 weeks to get the work I needed had he not come in those 2 days. I really appreciate how kind and gentle he was as well. He took really good care of me and was very thorough explaining everything.
— Doris
Very Professional, very friendly.
— Steve Bourne
I am satisfied with the efficiency and skill of Gary Shigeta with my new dentures. I was desperately in need of a new set. So happy to be enjoying my favorite foods again.
— Colleen Langille
Love my teeth and partial. Wonderful service by Gary Shigeta, DD. Had 4 sets previously and my teeth are finally perfect. Thanks to Gary Shigeta!
— Louise Onyschuk
The best in every regards.
— Doris Grabski
1st of all Jason Le- Listened to exactly what I wanted and followed up.
2nd- Jen- Did all the research of what providers would cover in expenses, also changed appointments I requested due to work conflicts.
3rd- Appointments were always on time and each procedure was explained to me.
4th- Teeth look “AWESOME” with many compliments at work, friends, relatives.
— Hank Jansen
I have had trouble with my bottom plate for 25-30 years and just put them up on the shelf and left them there. They hurt to extreme. My niece in St.Albert hounded me for ever to go and see her Denturist Gary at Sturgeon Denture Clinic because he is very good at what he does. So finally I broke down or gave in to her and went to the clinic. In all my years previous I have NEVER NEVER been treated with so much kindness and respect PLUS the service. These people are great with the service, you’re greeted with courtesy and smiles all around. You’re handed a newspaper which I hardly ever got through and into the dentist chair (mostly ahead of my appointment time). Gary is very thorough and if he is not happy with the teeth he tells you what he is going to do to make them better. In 25 to 30 years of bad luck with teeth this was very unbelievable. I am 74 years old so that tells you most of my younger years I have done without a lot. If you are reading this and would like to talk to me personally, just call their office and ask the nice office girl for my phone number and name. She has my absolute and total permission to give it to you if you wish.
PS. Thanks to these people I can chew nuts-steak- raw carrots- you name it.
— Bob Mattice
The service I have received till now has been very good, and the product is very good.
— Yoke Bovenmars
I am very pleased with the service I have received. The staff are one big happy family, everyone is so accommodating. Absolutely Awesome.
— Phyllis Duffy
Friendly, timely and very competent service.
— Bill Bocock
Gary and his staff are very professional and caring. I was nervous about upcoming changes, Gary kept me well informed about all the procedures and what to expect. I highly recommend them.
— Susan Price
Gary Shigeta DD provided professional care with very kind consideration for a senior with mobility problems. Jennifer’s work at the front desk with administration and the coordination of the DATS bus was greatly appreciated.
— John McKee
I’ve been with Gary and Suzy for 18 years and have never had any issues. They are always very helpful and certainly know what they are doing. Don’t think you can find a better clinic anywhere.
— Linda Linkert
This was the first time I needed to get a partial and found the whole process from entering to leaving a very professional and welcoming experience. Thank you.
— Anonymous
I’ve been a client of Sturgeon Denture Clinic for many years & really appreciate the meticulous work they do for me.
— Ed Molofee
Everything was great. Dr. Gary J Shigeta is a caring person @ the denture clinic and knows his job very well, also easy to talk to! A very awesome person! God Bless you & your family. Thank-you!
— Anonymous
Care, concern and service was great. All questions answered in a timely manner, thank you
— Rachel Seal, May 2018
The service was excellent. All the staff were courteous, friendly, and had a smile every time I had an appointment in the office. Thank you to all of you’s.
— Sharon Grenier
Excellent service- Denturist Gary is very meticulous. New upper plate fits and looks great. No problems as yet. Would recommend to anyone needing dentures.
— Betty Gorman, St.Albert
A very pleasant experience. This denture is comfortable right from the start!
— Eldon Gagne, St.Albert
Top Notch company, Gary, Jason and Jen are three of the top professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. My top denture works as well as my real teeth did, and just as Gary and Jason predicted. I would go to Sturgeon Denture Clinic again with no hesitation.
— Dan Reid
Excellent- very proficient. Lets me know what he is doing and why. First day- everything feels good- looks good. Very pleased with his work and his professionalism.
— Anonymous
Sturgeon Denture Clinic is very professional, clean, and very friendly.I highly recommend this clinic. I am very happy with my results.
— Fran C.
I highly recommend Sturgeon Denture Clinic to everyone needing new dentures. Gary Shigeta made a wonderful set for me. The staff are awesome!
— D.Beck
Everyone went above and beyond what I was expecting.Everyone is very pleasant, polite and very welcoming. I would highly recommend Sturgeon Denture Clinic. Thanks for Everything.
— Norma Jean and Dave
I am now enjoying my new dentures. Everything went smoothly and coming to Sturgeon Denturist was always a pleasant experience! Very Satisied.
— Terry Regimbald, St.Albert
Very professional, friendly and courteous.
— Anonymous
Very happy for the accommodating and professional service I received.
— Ronald Benson, St. Albert
For several years now Sturgeon Denture Clinic has been my denture provider. I would never change
— Arnold
Absolutely Excellent! Great Denturist, Gary. Treated Margaret, myself, with the utmost respect, made me feel happy, excited and calm to get new teeth. Never had bottom teeth for 63 years. Receptionists were friendly and kind and enthusiastic. Loved my experience. Love my new smile.
— Margaret Walker, St. Albert
The service was excellent. My teeth fit like a glove, no trouble at all. Sturgeon Denture Clinic is the No.1 denturist in St.Albert.
— Brenda Brown
I thought the service was excellent! There was no money up front, I could get the appointments when they were convenient for myself. I had several appointments until the looks were right. They were very pleasant and friendly. It was a pleasure going there.
— Anonymous
Sturgeon Denture Clinic is the best. I highly recommend them. Jason Le has been great. He gave me encouragement when I needed it and explained everything very patiently. He has guided me through the complete process and produced very attractive upper and lower dentures. I am so very pleased.
— Anonymous
Strives for perfection, makes you feel comfortable and well looked after!
— Anonymous
A pleasure to do business with. Would highly recommend Sturgeon Denture Clinic. Always on time and the denture fit very well, and is very comfortable.
— Ken Matheson, Edmonton
Excellent! Impressed with the professionalism of both of you. (I definitely knew what you were doing.) Great attitude left me feeling both comfortable and confident dealing with Sturgeon Denture Clinic.
— Neil Meachem, St. Albert
The service you provided was excellent. I was very pleased. I have been going to your clinic for years. I wouldn’t trust any other. I would not go anywhere else. My mother was very pleased with your services also....Mabel Spady
— Darlene Closs, St. ALbert
Exceptional workmanship. This is my second pair and I am more than satisfied! Wonderful service by all staff members, make you feel at home. Would I ever change? NEVER!
— Ada Vanderheide, Gunn
My experience with Gary Shigeta and Stephanie at Sturgeon Denture Clinic has been wonderful. They were so friendly and helpful. They made me very comfortable and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
— Anonymous
The staff at Sturgeon Denture Clinic have been wonderfully find, patient and accommodating with my 95 year old father. They have done an excellent job on educating us both on managing the entire process. Thank you
— John
It was excellent service, the dentures are awesome, no severe hot spots.
— Louise
The service we received from Sturgeon Denture Clinic was excellent. Gary was so thorough and considerate, their receptionist is so kind and friendly, would recommend to everyone. Much better than our last denturist.
— Ray & Eileen Slade, Edmonton
Just Awesome, Everyone is so friendly!
Just love the end result!
— Debbie Gallinger, Edmonton
Thank you so much to all of you for providing me with a beautiful set of new dentures. They look great and I am very happy with them. I will recommend your business to anyone needing this kind of service.
— Ann SlapmanSt. Albert
Very cordial and efficient staff- warm atmosphere.
Denturists are very professional in their delivery of services ensuring their patients are satisfied in every way. Subsequent follow-ups are handled in a quick and efficient manner. We are satisfied in every way with the services provided to us over the years.
— Mike and Bonnie Wells, Calgary
I had very good service while making my dentures and the service for the adjustments afterwards were excellent. I did recommend some of my friends to your office on Perron Street.
— Anonymous
J’ai eu un excellent service de tous.
Merci a Tous!!
— Renee Robert, St. Albert
Exceptional, Professional, first time in 6 years I have a properly fitting upper denture and lower partial.
Took care of my grand kids while I had my appointments. Totally accommodating. Can’t say enough positive about my experience at Sturgeon Denture Clinic. Highly recommend.
— Leslie Shelemey, St. Albert
The staff were so friendly and helpful. They made the experience a good one!
— Rosalie Spears, St. Albert
Could not ask for better service. The best I have had in a long time!
— Anonymous
I am very pleased by the service provided by Sturgeon Denture Clinic. They were very pleasant, from the receptionist to the Denturist Gary Shigeta. I was provided with precise information as to what the process was including the follow up. I highly recommend Sturgeon Denture Clinic.
— Garry Grisenthwaite, St. Albert
Really good, excellent, friendly and great service
— Stan Moskal, St. Albert
I have been attending Sturgeon Denture Clinic since the 1980’s and have had excellent care. The staff has always been pleasant and efficient. I have never had to wait for any urgent care.
— Roberta Healy, St. Albert
They are very friendly, pleasant and courteous. They are very efficient with no time wasted. If your appointment is at 10:00, you’re in the chair at 10:00. Their prices are reasonable and my new dentures are fabulous. I would definitely recommend them for all your denture work.
— Jim Chisholm, St. Albert
Very Good!
— Dorothy Dickison, St. Albert
I am a very happy customer. You made me feel comfortable while serving my needs.
Thank you!
— Anonymous
I found the staff to be pleasant, helpful and accommodating. The craftmanship is excellent and I like my new dentures
— Anonymous
I was treated with respect and courtesy. I would recommend the Sturgeon Denture Clinic to anyone who needs denture care. Thank you so much for your gentle and kind care for me.
— Anonymous
Gary has made 3 sets of dentures for me and each time I have been very pleased. He is meticulous when making them and I have never had to return with sore spots. I would highly recommend him. The staff is great as well!
— Anonymous
The Staff were very friendly and caring. I would definitely recommend Sturgeon Denture Clinic. Gary Shigeta was very professional. He was great to explain any questions I had.
— Dennis Hudson, St.Albert
This is the second time I have seen Gary. I don’t think I could get better treatment anywhere else. He is very good and I would recommend him to everyone. Thank you Gary.
— Roland Allen, St.Albert
I’m really grateful to Sturgeon Denture Clinic for the great services provided. Specially to Jason Le, who delivers, no less, than excellency on his work, so thank you Jason and all the staff from Sturgeon Denture Clinic for such a great job.
— Julia G. Pena
Sturgeon Denture Clinic is very professional in the procedures they use to make sure the product is excellent. The staff is very professional in the way they treat customers. I would recommend Sturgeon Denture Clinic highly for dentures and any other procedures they may supply. The thing that stands out for me is that this is the first time in about 15 years that I have been able to chew on the left side of my jaw without pain. Thanks Gary & Staff.
— Clarence Geyer, St. Albert
The services at the Sturgeon Denture Clinic were wonderful. I went to them for a second opinion and was very impressed with the people skills of all staff members. It was a nice personal touch. They were very helpful in getting me the best possible price for the work done. I highly recommend Sturgeon Denture Clinic in St. Albert.
— Bernie Van Raalte, St. Albert
First Class, Friendly and Courteous.
— Rod Pelton, St. Albert
Complete service in your clinic is at a very high level. All of the time of the trial, which lasted for one week, I felt complete confidence in the person who is doing it and I was convinced that the product of its labor-Denture- will be good. Well, that was wrong, Denture was not good. Denture was EXCELLENT.
— Skier
The staff at the Sturgeon Denture Clinic made me feel welcome from the moment I walked in the door. They answered my questions before I even asked them and they worked seamlessly with my dentist as we went from teeth to dentures. I know that now that I have my dentures I will continue to get wonderful care.
— Nola Willis, St. Albert
I was very apprehensive when I first went to the Sturgeon Denture Clinic to start the process in getting full upper dentures. I was explained everything in detail and my dentures fit fantastically. Thank you Sturgeon Denture Clinic for your professionalism and excellent job.
— David Hayes
I have worn my new upper denture plate for over a month. Gary did an Excellent Job of fitting and I have had no sore spots nor any need to return for adjustments. Very satisfied with the work.
— Larry Murray, St. Albert
— Jeanette McNamara, St. Albert
Best professional service I have received in a LONG time.
— Garry Hills
My first set of dentures was 13 years ago from Gary without any trouble. I’m very pleased with my second set. The service is always personal and friendly. I would recommend other people to come here! You will be Spoiled!
— Heather Doroshenko
Did a good job replacing worn out teeth. Pleased with his efforts.
— Daniel McRae
Their services are 100%. They are very good.
— Robert Pampu
Excellent work and staff.
— Anonymous
Very professional, well done - I will continue to use their service.
— Harvey Marchand
Great dentures. They fit perfectly. They are the best I’ve ever had. Eating is way easier and they look great.
— Anonymous
The staff are very knowledgeable, informative and also very friendly. A smile goes a long way. My first and most pleasant experience with a denturist.
— Anonymous
The service was very good and I was impressed by the cleanliness and no long waiting.
— Anonymous
Gary has made both my upper denture and lower partial and I’m very happy with both the fit and awesome service.
— Anonymous
Thanking you for your kindness and I’m very happy with my dentures. A super job.
— Elsie Polanski
Very courteous and professional. Excellent in every way. A pleasure dealing with you all.
— Zofia Woltersdorf
Excellent care.
— Anonymous
— Harvey Linkert
Excellent client service above and beyond the call of duty. Always quick and efficient. Extremely happy with my new smile. Thanks to all the staff. Highly recommended.
— Darryl Catton
Careful and attentive service with excellent results. Very happy with the finished product.
— Anonymous
Very good; well satisfied!
— Anne Hill
I am very pleased with the way my dentures turned out. My kids didn’t even notice the difference, and they are in their twenties.
— Anonymous
The service here is the best that one can get. You won’t get any better anywhere. So come here! The service is the best and most friendly. I’d recommend coming here. You will be satisfied before you leave.
— Frieda
I went to the Sturgeon Denture Clinic to have new dentures made due to a loss of some implants. I was referred to a dental surgeon who was able to give me an option. Thanks for the interest that was shown to me as a whole person. The dentures are perfect and no sore spots and my life is much better.
— O. H
Excellent and very friendly. We have always been very happy with Gary’s work. We have spread the word to a lot of our family and friends.
— Armand Poulin
Couldn’t be better!
— F. L.
I have received excellent service here - prompt and efficient. Cheerful.
— Marie Voelcker
I would recommend the Sturgeon Denture Clinic for first class service from a professional staff. The service is warm and courteous, as well as prompt. Thank you.
— Bill Tudge
The service that was provided for me was very professional and also very friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend this office to anyone.
— James Gauvreau
It was my 3rd return for dentures from Gary at Sturgeon Denture Clinic. I received very excellent care to comfort, fit, and appearance of ‘natural’ teeth and not dentures. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Highly recommended.
— Cora Schneider
Very Pleased, staff are very polite curtious and very easy to talk to . I recommend to everyone!
— Darcy Dube
The service at Sturgeon Denture Clinic was excellent. Twice I have been able to walk out with new dentures and forget they were new in the first 12 hours. The only time I go back is for regular checkups.
— Carolyn Henry
Service was excellent. All aspects of our experience were handled in a friendly, courteous and professional manner. We strongly recommend this clinic.
— Bonnie &Mike Wells, High River
I felt very special, everyone was so accomodating working around my schedule. I cant believe you gave me back my smile. I havent seen that smile for 25 years. Thank you so much.
— Carmen
In this day and age of cut backs and poor service, Gary Shigeta and his staff are so rare. They provided such great service with care for myself that I was overwhelmed. It is so refreshing to have all your questions answered and concerns addressed with care and professionalism. Thank you.
— Melanie Young, Edmonton
I feel I was well cared for. I appreciated being told what was happening.
— anonymous
I have been wearing dentures for over 50 years and 34 of the 50 year all the dentures made for me by various denturists were ill-fitting, causing many problems, pain and suffering. In 1996 I moved to St. Albert and made an appointment with Sturgeon Denture Clinic and met Gary Shigeta. Who took the time and meticulously measured and took various impressions and made the most beautiful, perfectly fitting dentures I have ever had. Since then I have had Sturgeon Denture Clinic make two more sets of dentures for me that also have been perfect fitting and very good looking. I would recommend Sturgeon Denture Clinic for the best fitting and looking dentures you will ever have.
— Jean Holowack
Skilled - Artistic - Courteous - Helpful - Knowledgeable - Pleasant. Gary makes Great Teeth!!
— Bronwen
The service we experienced with Rachel was truly exceptional. The appointments were on time and very efficent. Gary and staff are so happy and friendly and the quality of the work and dentures are excellent. A very good experience for Rachel and her family.
— Anonymous
I have been coming to Sturgeon Denture Clinic for a number of years now. Gary Shigeta provides excellent service. His assistant Stephanie is efficent and caring. My experience with Sturgeon Denture Clinic has been Professionalism Plus a Smile Equals Complete Satisfaction!
— Anonymous
Very satisfied with the complete procedure.
— Stephen Warunki, Westlock
I am impressed with the dedication of Suzy’s work which made me relax. I have told my friends about Suzy’s work.
— Anonymous
For the second time in 9 years, I had my new dentures made by Gary Shigeta. I am so pleased with it. I’ve worn dentures for more than 40 years, and I have a lot of bone loss and gum recession. its a huge challenge for denturists! My denture fits snug and feels really comfortable. Thank you so much.
— Kay Finlay, BC
I highly recommend Sturgeon Denture Clinic and Gary Shigeta. I was greeted by Stephanie who made me feel so at ease. Very friendly and personable. Gary you are terrific and you gave me my smile back and I couldn’t be happier. Friendly, professional and a terrific experience.
— Cheryl D, Edmonton
Excellent service. Staff was helpful and pleasant. I highly recommend them.
— Ron Davies, St. Albert
I have nothing but the highest praise for the way Gary took care of my 95 year old mothers teeth. He was gentle - took his time and strived for perfection.
— Anonymous
I was very pleased with the service and everyone was so nice and friendly.
— Anonymous
Many thanks for the great care and job provided to me and my new teeth. Gary and Stephanie made me very confortable and relaxed on my visits. The Sturgeon Denture Clinic Team are truly experts at what they do.
— Anonymous
Speedy, professional, and honest.
— Anonymous
Fantastic Service. The team really appreciates and values your sensitivity and confidentiality. Thank you, you have given me my smile back.
— Anonymous
Excellent, amazing . Thank You.
— Albert Durocher, Sherwood Park
If you want a perfect fit for your dentures you should really see Gary at Sturgeon Denture Clinic. Gary gives attention to every little detail and it shows.
— Lynda Michaud, Bon Accord
An extremely caring and professional staff, Sturgeon Denture Clinic has exceeded our expectations for over 20 years.
— Mike and Bonnie Wells, High River
Service has been exceptional. Very friendly and excellent care. The only place to come for good looks and good service.
— Bob and Gerry Grabher, Westlock
My first set of dentures from Sturgeon Denture Clinic lasted 10 years without any trouble. My new set was done quickly and professionally. I have been very pleased.
— Anonymous
Always a joyful greeting when I enter. The Sturgeon Denture Clinic is very professional in what they do. Gary did a wonderful job with great concern that they fit properly.
— Irene Bourgeois, St. Albert
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— Claire C.
The service was exceptional. I didn’t have to worry about anything as Gary explained everything to me before.
— Dianne Gibson
I have always received friendly and timely services at Sturgeon Denture Clinic. If there are any minor problems they are fixed immediately. I recommended the clinic to my mother and husband. Both are totally satisfied. 
You are amazing. You helped me to make a very difficult decision with no pressure. Thank you for being encouraging. Your after-service, so far, has been wonderful.
Personally the service was excellent and I would recommend other people to come here.
— Pamella Dery, St. Albert
Courteous, friendly service with an excellent product.
— Norm Waltho, Edmonton
It has been very good and I am well satisfied.
— June Loe
I am very pleased with the service you offer. Particularly I enjoy the cheerful and helpful attitude you all have. When I brought my wife in her wheelchair some months ago, I couldn’t get over the caring attitude and help of the staff to see to her comfort.
— Anonymous
Service is great! Fit is excellent! Excellent!!
— Jim
I have been very pleased with the service, also very, very satisfied with the results. The complete procedure has made such a difference for me, all for the good. I would highly recommend this procedure (implants).
— Myrt Williams, Edmonton
The services are very good, they’re always happy and Gary is a real sweetie. Thank you.
— Marguerite Baril, Edmonton
You are amazing. You helped me make a very difficult decision with NO pressure. Thank you for being encouraging. Your after service, so far, has been wonderful.
— Anonymous
Excellent. Very nice - everyone! Very friendly and always ready to help.
— Anonymous
First when you walk in your greeted with a smile. Then the service is beyond expectational. I’ve been going to Sturgeon Denture Clinic for years! It only gets better.
— Marie O'Neill, Calahoo
Excellent, great people, very understanding, very nice work, and a great fir. Thank you for going the extra mile to make me look and feel great.
— Garry Gristwood, St. Albert
Service is A+. All staff are very professional and personable which makes you feel comfortable and at ease- I would highly recommend the clinic to others.
— Elisabeth
The best work, we are happy with the services. They are very nice people. Special Gary is our guy.
— George and Zdena Fadrny, Edmonton
I wish to thank Sturgeon Denture Clinic for not only satisfying my hope for a comfortable, fuctioning denture but exceeding my expectations. My dentures are comfortable, functional and ethecially pleasing. My previous Denturist was rude wouldn’t listen to my needs, and blamed me for any problems I had. Thanks again to Gary and staff.
— Anonymous
I am really pleased with the service I receive, Ive recommended Gary to several people. Great service, courteous people, you are the best.
— Esther Seon, Edmonton
Above & Beyond Expectations. I have had no problems whatsoever with both upper and lower dentures.
— Dale Esopenko, Edmonton
Your services were great and I like my new teeth, thank you.
— Irene Marcellus , Whitecourt
— Kirat, St. Albert
Gary was nice, and very helpful. His experience in making my dentures was very precise. He made sure they fit and look wonderful. Thank you very much. I would recommend Gary to anyone I know who needs dentures or partials.
— Lila
I found the service very pleasant, personable, and knowledgable. If you need partials or complete dentures Sturgeon Denture Clinic is the place to come. When you have heart problems you go to a heart “specialist”. When you need dentures you go to “Sturgeon Denture Clinic
— Anonymous
I am very satisfied. Everything was excellent. When my insurance is good to go again I will be back to see Gary. Excellent service.
— Frank Wheaton, St. Albert
I found you and your staff very polite and welcoming. Also I couldnt help admiring the complicated work that was done.
— Anonymous
Excellent- In Every Aspect
— Stan R. Bray, St. Albert
I have been a client for many years and have been very happy with the friendly, high quality service provided. I never hesitate to recommend your clinic to anyone I encounter who may be in need of your service.
— Bonnie
1st class professional detail work completed in a timely fashion!
— Anonymous
Excellent service, friendly and helpful,great fit, excellent workmanship.
— Zane Dorosh, Morinville
Gary took the time to explain what to expect.. His easy going manner put me at ease. My wife had her dentures done here. She is very pleased, so when I needed them, I was glad to come here. I would highly recommend Sturgeon Denture Clinic.
— George Inglis, St. Albert
Great Service.
— Duane Graham, Edmonton
The service as always was polite, informitave, and timley,YEAH! I can chew again. The dentures fit perfectlyon the first try. No sore spots. The color is great. It took time and money and it was worth every cent and mote. Thanks Gary and Staff
— Carol Armstrong, Edmonton
Personal - thorough - compassionate - satisfaction guaranteed.
— James Gray, St. Albert
Beyond excellent service and courtesy.
— Sharon Evans, St. Albert
Thanks for the personal and friendly service. Much appreciated.
— Anonymous
In my opinion the services provided by Sturgeon Denture Clinic are excellent. The people are very considerate and well mannered. The quality of the work is excellent.
— Oscar Isert, Stony Plain
I have been going to Sturgeon Denture Clinic for the past 20 years and have nothing but praise for Gary and his team. You will not leave their office until you are completely satisfied.
— Myrna Parcels
I am so pleased with the service I have received every time I visited the office and exceptionally pleased with the final results of my full set of dentures. Thank you.
— Anonymous
I have had two sets of dentures (to fit on implants) made at this clinic and have been very satisfied with the fit. From the time I walked in the door, I was treated with respect and courtesy. The staff are very pleasant and accomodating. I would recommend Sturgeon Denture Clinic to anyone in need of dentures.
— Anonymous
I have recently had upper and lower dentures made for me at the Sturgeon Denture Clinic and am very pleased with the results - and your very kind and professional approach.
— Margaret Hegyi, St. Albert
The service that you gave us was very good. Couldn’t ask for better. The last partial you made for me had a good fitting. Personnel is very kind and gives good service. We have been customers for a long time.
— Anonymous
Fantastic, I can not ask for better. My new dentures are better than my old ones, mind you my old ones were a bit worn out; but I had very good service with them. Gary is an awesome Denturist and so is his wife Suzy. Staff is also excellent.
— Normand Letourneau, St. Albert
Absolutely wonderful. For the first time in five years I have teeth that fit and I even look like myself now. I will be making many referrals to Mr. Shigeta.
— Shirley Bodnarchuk, Edmonton
I was so pleased! I love my new teeth. My bottom partial is excellent. I don’t even feel it in my mouth. After 14 years without it, I thought I could never get used to them. I love them and they look so real. Many Thank You’s to Gary and all the wonderful staff. I can smile again! Thank you so much.
— Rhoda Hittinger, Sturgeon County
We are really happy with such excellent service. To come here to such a friendly atmosphere was very refreshing. We recommend you very highly Gary and staff.
— Marlene Poulin, Edmonton
Sturgeon Denture Clinic has been my denturist for 25+ years and the service I have received has been great, even when it was discovered I had other problems. Gary and Suzy and their staff, are a very dedicated group who aren’t satisfied until you are satisfied.
— Corneilius Wiebe, St. Albert
The people at Sturgeon Denture Clinic are not only friendly, but knowledgable about the work they do. They really take the time with their patients. a recommended group of people.
— Jerry Van Vliet
Always friendly, and great service.
— Anonymous
The professional services, that you and your staff have provided (to date) simply the word ‘professional!’ I am happy to say Thank you and to provide this letter of recommendation, for any potential clients, who may enter into a relationship with Sturgeon Denture Clinic, for their denture requirement needs. The atmosphere and the ambience that your clinic’s interior space complements (your services); first class in my humble opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed my visits/appointments and the very friendly professional services, from yourself and all members of your staff. Thank you very much!
— W.A.B
I am very happy with all the steps we went through while my plates were being made by Gary Shigeta of the Sturgeon Denture Clinic.
— Lance Oaks
Great Service ,Friendly staff, everyone will work hard to make sure everything is done right (Implants).
— Anonymous
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